APEX Pro - Gen II



From Track Days and Road Racing to Auto-cross and Hill-Climb, APEX Pro Gen II is a tool that helps improve lap times while on track and simplifies post-session data review with the most intuitive software interface available.

APEX Pro Gen II pairs using Bluetooth with your Apple (iOS Smartphone) to automatically save data to the APEX App. It provides accurate lap-times at over 200 official tracks around the world, and even allows for custom track creation.

While on track, precisely filtered data is logged at 10 Hz and sent to the phone. APEX has a suite of tools allowing drivers to review and replay data overlaid on track maps or plotted in many ways.

To compare laps with other drivers, simply email or AirDrop recorded sessions to fellow drivers or driving instructors. Drivers can instantly overlay and compare sessions from the same track.

While you are out on the track, friends and crew members can watch your driving and lap-times (and with Gen II, Telemetry!) from anywhere in the world using the CrewView social platform (iOS).

Gen II Features:
  • Smoother, more precise data (Satellite map and Data graphs)
  • Easier interpretation of APEX Coaching model (100% APEX score is possible!)
  • Predictive timing display option on the APEX LED's
  • Battery indicator light on the unit (green = fully charged)
  • Lower profile design
  • Increased battery life (6+ hours!)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • New APEX App user interface for easier use
  • Telemetry: Live streaming of speed and long/lat G traces

How do these new features benefit you, compared to Gen I?
  • Easier to interpret Real Time Display model (no more red lights on the straights if you get a good exit!)
  • Predictive LED's make it super simple to see if you are trending faster or slower than your best lap so far
  • Lower profile means it takes up even less space on the dash, so your vision is not obstructed
  • You now know if your APEX Pro unit is being charged when you plug it in, and you know when it is fully charged
  • Telemetry is perfect for track side instruction and endurance racing

Winding Road Racing also carries all APEX Pro Gen II accessories:

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06/06/2022 22:48

Not For Casual Track Goers.

I bought Gen 1 few years ago. Although this can be a good training tool, acquiring data requires iPhone 6+ only. I had to upgrade my iPhone (my 2nd phone and not needed for anything else) just for this and even so, some tracks that does not have cell signal cannot be worked with. On top of that, to record video via iPhone requires annual subscription fee just shy of $100. And last, to get car's data via OBD2, it is not compatible with any other OBD2 dongle except their own which is about $130. my recommendation for android users, stay away. This would be good for iPhone users who goes to track religiously but not for casual track goers. I'm a track instructor and I rarely used it for above reasons.