Used Spec MX-5 Race Car - #56

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Location: Austin, TX

Contact: or 512.663-3994 for more details.

Car #56 is part of the successful Spec MX-5 fleet fielded by Winding Road Race Services in 2020. Winding Road cars were built to the new 2020 specification and won the National Series and the Invitational Series. Car #56 ran in 3 events after conversion to the 2020 spec, with approximately 11 hours of run time on the engine; a new build with similar features is $58,000+

Experience: Winding Road Race Services is the largest builder of Spec MX-5 cars in the U.S. Over 25% of all Spec MX-5s built to date were done by Winding Road. 

Success: Winding Road cars have won the 2018 Central Series Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship, the 2019 National Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship, and the 2020 National Series and Invitational Series Championships.

Basic Build Specifications:
  • Welded HD roll cage
  • Base black paint; WR graphics can be removed
  • Mazda Motorsports spec engine
  • Roush cylinder head
  • Mahle pistons
  • Mazda Motorsports cold air intake
  • Spec race ECU
  • ACT race clutch
  • Spec headers
  • C&R radiator
  • Mazda Motorsports exhaust
  • Penske spec shocks
  • Eibach spec springs
  • Eibach spec sway bar and end links
  • Wheel studs
  • OMP seat and bracket
  • Sabelt wheel/hub
  • Sabelt Harness
  • Window net
  • Aluminum bulkhead
  • Aluminum transmission tunnel cover
  • Transponder
  • Tow straps
  • Kill switch
  • Race hard top

One set of Rays/Volk Racing forged wheels with scrub tires.

Firesense mechanical fire system, installed

AiM Solo 2 DL data system, installed

AiM SmartyCam GP HD video system, installed

Reliability package:
  • Race transmission
  • Replacement rotors
  • Caliper rebuild
  • Rebuilt LSD
  • Grille mesh
  • RX-8 diff brace
  • RX-8 hubs

Performance package:
  • Radio delete
  • Rays wheels

Contact: or 512.663-3994 for more details.

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