Sabelt Steel ECO Series 6-Point Harness - Pack of 2

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Need to purchase two harnesses at once to accommodate a co-driver or satisfy "equal protection" requirements for a track day instructor? Sabelt offers this economical two-pack of harnesses to make that easy.

These Sabelt harnesses are homologated to FIA 8853/98 with steel adjusters.

Choose one of three colors: red, blue or black.

Features include:
  • 3" shoulder and lap belts. 3" shoulder belts will work with all drivers, regardless of whether they are wearing a head and neck restraint or not. 
  • Pull-up lap belt adjustment style. Pull-up lap belts have the adjuster for the lap belts closer to the mounting point on the floor. Pull-up belts are ideal for situations where crew members help a driver in and out of the car as well as in cars that have extra space beside the outside of the seat (for example, between the seat and the transmission tunnel).
  • Snap hook harness mounts for submarine and lap belts. Snap hook (also known as clip-in) mounts are ideal for cars where you may need to remove or swap out the harness from time to time, such as cars that get driven on the street in between track weekends. Snap hook mounts require an eye hook to mount.
  • All snap hook harnesses have the hardware sewn in for the lap and submarine belts but include removable hardware for the shoulder belts to wrap around a harness bar behind the driver if needed.
  • Long lever camlock. Features an easier to grab long lever on the release for the camlock.

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