Safecraft Restraint Systems 4-Point Racing Harness

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You’ve probably experienced a product or two that are so much better than the alternatives that you think, “I can’t go back.” For many racers we know, including ourselves, Safecraft harnesses are one of those products.

The story is all about the adjusters. You know the drill: you get in your car, and the belts need to be loosened because you had them tightened up for practice. But one or two of the adjusters is sticky. That’s a pain. Then, when it comes time to tighten the belts (especially the lap belts), you don’t have the right angle to really yank on the belt so it stays a bit too loose. You fight with it and maybe eventually give up. That’s somewhere between a pain and a safety issue. We’ve had this happen enough that there is a brand of harness that we won’t sell because it is so often difficult to adjust.

Safecraft harnesses go a long way to addressing these issues. The adjusters are significantly easier to tighten and loosen than any other harnesses we've used (and we've used most). The mechanical bits feel so precise that you’d think they were made in Germany. But, in fact, they come from Chicago and the brilliant mind of Grand-Am and Tudor United Sports Car Championship driver Charles Espenlaub. Once you try them, well, as we said, you won’t want to go back.

  • Head and neck restraint compatible 3"/2" shoulder belts
    • Shoulder belts include wrap-around hardware to mount to a harness bar behind the driver. 
    • The 3"/2" shoulder belts are designed for drivers who are wearing head and neck restraints such as a HANS or Necksgen that are held in place with the shoulder belt. The 3"/2" belts are 3" near the center camlock but are 2" over the shoulder to be more comfortable when wearing a head and neck restraint.
      • NOTE: 3"/2" belts that go to 2" over the shoulders are only safe to use when a driver is using a  head and neck restraint. 
  • Less bulky and more comfortable 2" lap belts with pull-down adjusters
    • 2" belts are designed to cinch down lower on your hip bone.
  • Choose from snap-hook or bolt-in connectors for the lap and submarine belts
    • Snap hook (also known as clip-in) mounts are ideal for cars where you may need to remove or swap out the harness from time to time, such as cars that get driven on the street in between track weekends. Snap hook mounts require an eye hook to mount. Bolt-in mounts are ideal for dedicated track-only vehicles where the harness can remain in the car until it needs to be replaced.
    • Both bolt-in and snap hook harnesses have the hardware sewn in for the lap belts.
  • Foam pulls at the ends of the belts make adjusting belts easy
  • Bungee tabs on the shoulder belts to hold them out of the way when not in use
  • Available in Black, Red, Maroon, Orange, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Chartreuse, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Forest Green, White, Beige, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, or Pink

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