AiM Sports Steering Angle Sensor (String Pot)

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The standard pulley-type AiM Steering Angle Sensor (Part No. MC-215) can be difficult to install in some situations, and an improperly tensioned belt can cause problems. This "string pot" design can be easier to use in many vehicles.

The enclosed* rotary potentiometer is activated by pulling the spring-loaded cable. The very long range allows 10 inches (250mm) of maximum travel to measure and log driver steering input. A 3/16" (4.8mm) eyelet on the end of the cable allows easy connection using a #10 screw. The male 4-pin 719 connector plugs directly into the MXL Pista / Pro sensor harness. The EVO4 requires a 712-719 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-210, sold separately).

For best results, ensure that the cable will not be pulled out more than 9" (230mm) at full lock. This may prevent a minor bump to the outside front wheel from damaging the sensor due to overtravel. The standard calibration procedure lets you determine where "center" will be. 

* Note: This sensor is not sealed against moisture. It must be protected against water and spray.

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