AiM Sports Throttle Position Sensor Rotary (String Pot) Type

SKU: MC-202
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This sensor measures up to approximately 25mm (1 inch) of linear travel. Also known as the "String Pot" throttle position sensor, it connects to your throttle pedal or linkage with a string or thread. As you press the pedal, the string pulls on the rotary arm of the sensor.
This arrangement offers a safety advantage over linear (telescoping) sensors: If the sensor malfunctions and sticks, the string will collapse instead of holding the throttle open. It is also less prone to damage due to unexpected lateral motion. For use with all AiM Mychron3, MXL, and EVO Series automotive dashes and data loggers.

This sensor has the 719 (four-pin plastic push-on type) connector. Use an AiM 719-719 Extension Cable (Part No. MC-211) to connect to the sensor harness on AiM MXL series dashes, the MyChron3 Gold Auto dash, the EVO3 data logger, ot the EVO5 data logger. The MyChron3 XG-Log dash, EVO4 / EVO4S loggers, and the Channel Expansion Hub require the AiM 719-712 Adapter Cable (Part No. MC-210).

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Jason Bleak

07/15/2019 8:10:00

TPS sensor

this is not an easily adaptable sensor. I had to fabricate a mounting bracket, and a lever actuation system so I could tie its movement to the throttle body. Do not recommend this sensor. Get the string pot instead, which is more money but much, much, less hassle.