AiM Sports Throttle Position Sensor - Rotary Potentiometer - 719 4-Pin Male



This sensor measures up to approximately 25mm (1 inch) of linear travel.

This is commonly referred to as a "String Pot" throttle position sensor, since it can be connected to your throttle valve or accelerator pedal with a "string", which will pull the sensor as the throttle is opened. Some prefer this method as the string will break in the event of a sensor malfunction, eliminating the risk of the throttle being stuck wide open.

Please note that there is also a "String Pot" type of sensor, which has its own internal string.

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Jason Bleak

07/15/2019 8:10:00

TPS sensor

this is not an easily adaptable sensor. I had to fabricate a mounting bracket, and a lever actuation system so I could tie its movement to the throttle body. Do not recommend this sensor. Get the string pot instead, which is more money but much, much, less hassle.