Alpinestars Tech 1ZX Racing Gloves

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20% lighter than previous model year!

Complying fully with FIA homologation standards, the premium auto racing glove Tech 1-ZX incorporates a range of groundbreaking material and construction innovations resulting in a significant reduction in weight as well as improved levels of mobility, grip sensitivity and cockpit comfort.

  • Complies with FIA 8856-2000 and SFI (SFI: 3.3) homologation standards
  • Innovative flame-resistant aradamic fiber main construction with a bonded aramidic inner lining to ensure optimal temperature control for maximum comfort and feel.
  • Combination of innovative material construction methods result in a significant reduction in glove weight as well as an extensively reduced material design.
  • Newly developed latex sprayed interior grip zone improves comfort and combines with outer grip zones for superb control and feel on the cockpit’s controls.
  • New ergonomically designed grip technology on palm and fingers with strategically positioned silicon surface patterning for improved flexibility and control.
  • Ergonomic chassis design and pre-curved fingers for improved performance fit to reduce fatigue while offering a secure and snug fit around the wrist area.
  • Alpinestars’ cuff opening design with 180° elasticated wrist for easy entry and secure fit.
  • External seams provide superior comfort and prevent any excessive
  • pressure points forming on the hands while driving.

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Bryan Pendleton

11/01/2017 7:43:00

1Z/1ZX on the Decline

I have been a big fan of Alpinestars for their quality and fit. Recently purchased my third pair of Alpinestars 1Z/1ZX gloves, and out of the box I was not impressed with the overall build construction of the glove. Compared to older generations of Alpinestars where the glove was a delicate construction of multiple layers of fabrics and materials to create a glove that looked expensive and held up well under a lot of abuse. This latest generation of glove is all printed technology. The graphics are printed on. The grip pads are printed on. Yes this creates a lighter product, but it looks cheap compared to the craftsmanship of the older generation. I could easily look past the construction method, but recently the palm area of my gloves is “delaminating”. I am not sure how to explain it other than the layers of material on the palm are moving relatively to each other, and this has create material folds on the outside of the glove. These folds create high contract pressures at the folds, and after a 2 hours stint, you feel as though you are developing blisters on your hand. I suspect this failure has something to do with either excess sweat or perhaps it started in the washer, though I only wash on delicate with cold water. For me this issue is big. Even after spending $200 for these gloves just a few months ago, I am already on the market for replacements. Besides the construction/durability issues, I was still happy with the fitment of Alpinestars gloves, unlike their shoes, the glove fitment has remained consistent.


02/20/2017 23:21:00

Enormous Improvements!

I know they said they took 25% of the weight out of these gloves, but I swear it feels more like 50%.... They're a lot more form-fitting than previous versions of the glove and the grip is unbelievable! These gloves are so thin and comfortable it's like comparing wool winter socks to thin dress socks, where all other gloves are wool and these are dress. Also it looks like they've reduced the amount that the external seams protrude from the glove, making them seem less "clunky" and more high quality than any other glove I've worn. You've gotta try them to believe it. You won't regret it.


02/20/2017 9:45:00


Very very comfortable glove with perfect fit and ease of dexterity. Would highly recommend and worth the extra price.