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Written by Rob Siegel, an avid BMW enthusiast who has written a monthly column called "The Hack Mechanic" for the BMW Car Club of America's magazine Roundel for over 25 years, Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic offers an interesting mixture of car guy perspective and clever wit, be it through Siegel's tips on how to rebuild a VW bus engine in a kitchen or his insight about how cars affect family dynamics.  

Siegel also has a particular skill in understanding the mind of the car guy, articulating the motivations that drive us to do what we do and how a car can become more of an emotional investment than the sum of its literal parts could suggest to those without such inclinations. A great read for gearheads as well as those living with them.

"It is heartfelt; it is quirky; and it is mine - a memoir with actual useful stuff. Who else is going to tell you car stories, give you parenting tips, and tell you how to burn out a snapped-off stud with an oxyacetylene torch?"

- Rob Siegel, "The Hack Mechanic"
Roundel - October 2012

For over 25 years Rob Siegel has written a monthly column called "The Hack Mechanic" for the BMW Car Club of America's magazine Roundel. In Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic, Rob Siegel shares his secrets to buying, fixing, and driving cool cars without risking the kids' tuition money or destroying his marriage. And that's something to brag about considering the dozens of cars, including twenty-five BMW 2002's, that have passed through his garage over the past three decades.

A geophysicist by day and self-professed car junkie in his free time, Siegel explores his passion for cars with unflinching honesty and offers a unique window into the Car Guy mind. Along the way he reflects on the genesis of his fascination with boxy little German sedans, the miserable Triumph GT6+ he owned in college, rebuilding the engine of his wife's VW bus in the kitchen of their first apartment, how cars affect family dynamics, and why men really love cars. And in showing how cars have repeatedly been the conduit for deep human connections in his life, Siegel reveals his controversial theory that beyond their greasy fingernails, gearheads are actually intimate, caring creatures. Siegel also explains why, in a world over which we have so little control, the act of diagnosing and painstakingly fixing broken cars can be immensely therapeutic. Just don't ask him to fix other people's cars!

With a steady dose of irreverent humor, Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic blends car stories, DIY advice, and cautionary tales in a way that will resonate with the car-obsessed (and the people who love them).

Softcover, 6 in. x 9 in.
432 pages
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