Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 Kit for Student/Instructor Race Car Training

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Note: Headsets are sold separately

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The Tandem Pro 2 unit is designed to work for student/instructor race car training applications. The unit works as a full duplex intercom, which allows a race car instructor to guide a student while in the same car. The student headset is designed to easily slide in/out of one students helmet to another and the instructor headset is self installed for a more permanent installation. The Lithium Ion rechargeable battery life is rated at 8-10 hours of talk time and 20 hours of standby.


  • Student-Instructor full duplex intercom system
  • Two way in helmet communication between Studen and Instructor
  • Noise reducing Hi Fidelity headsets (full or open face style)
  • Lithium Polymer rechargeable batter w/ 10 hours talk time 20 hours standby
  • No custom installation necessary


  • Intended Users: Race car training instructor
  • Maximum range of communication: Wired
  • Maximum number of users in communication: 2


  • Battery: Rechargable Ni-Mh
  • Water resistance casing

The Tandem Pro 2 Kit includes:

  • Charger
  • Battery (pre-installed)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Manual


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    07/26/2018 8:07:00

    Tandem Pro 2 v HJC50

    1st, to Ralph, if you ever happen to see this and haven't figured it out, the helmet mount that comes with the unit is designed to clamp onto the edge of your helmet, you have to pull the helmet cushion(s) over to be able to fit the inner half to the inside of the helmet shell, and then secure with the provided screws the outer half of the mount to the inner half, clamping the helmet shell between the two halves. The Tandem Pro 2 is more compact than its predecessor, and the 3.5mm mini-plug connectors for the headsets & unit are almost infinitely better than the hopelessly fussy s-video type connectors previously used. No more thumbwheel volume control either, a plus over the previous which can get dirty and annoyingly static-y. However, it took a step backwards with the communication aspect - with the old HJC50, you could hear yourself through your headset and input from the other headset, together simultaneously. I suppose that might be described as either/both headsets transmit to both channels. Oddly, the Tandem Pro 2, you can't hear yourself in your own headset, so it's hard to gauge if you're transmitting to the other headset & at what volume. As of July, 2018, the chatterbox main site says it's sold-out of the Tandem Pro 2's, so if this is your go-to solution and you've been waiting, maybe now's the time, seems odd the maker would be short of their own product. Consider extra headsets in addition to what's supplied, I found my student headset and in-helmet mic/speakers don't seem to have equal mic-sensitivity &/or volume output. Difficult to use that way, one user needs the volume way up to hear the other, and the other user is subject to a painfully high volume level. If you have the previous chatterbox HJC50's and switch to this, it's still worth buying the headset adapter cables as a backup. For whatever reason, my Tandem Pro 2 didn't make it through it's first weekend, thankfully had brought the old unit along. For anyone with the old Nady boxes, the headsets were the weak point - I haven't tried it yet, but the new chatterbox headsets might fit the Nady's.


    06/12/2018 12:21:00

    How to mount?

    the stickies supplied only hold the unit on my helmet for a couple hours before letting go. Trying to figure out a permanent mount on side of helmet. May have to drill holes, made do with racers' tape as on the spot fix at the track. Has anyone else figured out how to permanently mount on a helmet? Thanks a bunch, Ralph