CoolShirt 2Cool Water Shirt - Fire Rated SFI 3.3

SKU: CS2CoolSFI3-3
$286.00 to $314.00
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This is the top of the line CoolShirt available on the market today that works with CoolShirt, Momo and F.A.S.T. driver cooling systems.

The shirt features are: 

  • SFI 3.3 Certified Flame-Retardant CoolShirt*
    • *Long-Sleeve Shirts are SFI Rated
  • Versatile Midweight Layer
  • Modacrylic / Rayon Blend
  • Superior Moisture-Wicking
  • Ag47 Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Won't Shrink, Pick or Fade
  • Extra Length
  • Clean Seams
  • Machine Wash, Machine Dry

CoolShirt MALE connectors work with any FEMALE connector, be it CoolShirt, Momo or FAST. So no matter which system you have, a CoolShirt shirt will work with it because of the MALE connector on the shirt.

If you have a Momo or FAST shirt and you buy a CoolShirt system, you can simply snip off the MALE connectors on the shirt and buy a new set of CoolShirt MALE connectors (which we carry individually) to push onto your garment hose. Even if you'll be racing in another car which uses a FAST or Momo system at a later date, the new CoolShirt MALE connector you just pushed on will work with it.

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Sam Nixon

05/02/2016 13:40:00

SFI Rated Shirt

Recently upgraded to this fully SFI compliance cool shirt from the CoolShirt II (compression, non fire proof). Ordered a medium and it fits to size and appears to be high-quality. I've yet to wear it during a race but did a 'test run' with suit in the car with plain water it is was all good.


08/31/2015 9:30:00

Fire-rated Cool Shirt

The hoses on this shirt are too short, they pull back into your driving suit when you sit down, so then you have to fish around for the hose ends while you're sitting in your race seat, or try to hold on to the hose ends while you're climbing into your car. Very awkward to say the least, and no good for endurance racing where you need to make quick driver changes. The hoses are also black so you csn't see the bubbles flowing through. I always pre-charge my cool shirts before putting them on, so I can watch for bubbles flowing to make sure the pump is working and hoses and tubes are not kinked or blocked. You can't do this with the black hoses. I'm planning to add clear tubing extensions to solve these problems. Considering how much these shirts cost, shortening the hoses to save a few cents was a bad idea.


07/13/2015 11:17:00

Makes sense

I wear a cool shirt for every race. It makes sense to me that the fabric should be fire rated. This shirt isn't very stretchy, so I wish I had purchased one size smaller for better thermal conduction, but honestly the seat and the harness ensure that the tubes are touching your torso.