CoolShirt Club System All-In-One Kit

SKU: CoolShirt-Bundle
$562.99 to $575.99


CoolShirt Club Systems now have the following features:

  • 25,000-hour pump (yes.... twenty-five thousand  hours)
  • All kits include a 12-foot hose with red break-away connectors
    • The hose can be cut to any length needed and the connectors added once cut

This complete CoolShirt cooling system also comes with a simple On/Off switch for if the vehicle doesn't have its own available temperature control. This system is natively compatible with CoolShirt shirts but can be made compatible with all shirts (CoolShirt, Chillout, Momo, and F.A.S.T.) by adding the universal fitting kit. Replacement and maintenance parts for these cooling systems can be found here.

Everything you need to properly cool yourself while on the track, all in one place. Each CoolShirt Club System All-In-One Kit includes a cooler, mounting tray and tie-down strap, a 12-foot length of hose, plus a heavy-duty 20amp toggle switch which will power the unit at maximum flow rating.

The CoolShirt Club System is the preferred choice for SCCA, NASA, PCA and many other club drivers. Its ease of use and exceptional quality keep racers performing at their peak by limiting driver fatigue due to dehydration and discomfort.

Run one race with a CoolShirt system and you'll never be without one again!

SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY (CoolShirt / Chillout / Momo / F.A.S.T.):

CoolShirt MALE connectors work with any FEMALE connector, be it CoolShirt, Chillout, Momo or F.A.S.T. So no matter which system you have, a CoolShirt shirt will work with it because of the MALE connector on the shirt.
If you have a Chillout, Momo or F.A.S.T. shirt and you buy a CoolShirt system, you can simply snip off the MALE connectors on the shirt and buy a new set of CoolShirt MALE connectors (which we carry individually) to push onto your garment hose. Even if you’ll be racing in another car which uses a Chillout, Momo, or F.A.S.T. system at a later date, the new CoolShirt MALE connector you just pushed on will work with it.

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Kevin K -

07/17/2020 12:03

Not cheap but performs very well when needed.

I used this for the first time at Heartland Park Raceway in Topeka, Kansas where it was hotter than heck! The Coolshirt was awesome and really provided real relief from the heat and humidity. In the past I might skip events when temp was going to get In the mid 90’s. Not anymore!