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  • If using just the Cool-A-Clava by itself w/o a CoolShirt, you will need two male ends on its hoses.  These ends will plug directly into the hose coming from your cooler to provide cooling to your head.
  • When using this Cool-A-Clava with a cooling shirt, plug one of the male ends from the shirt into the side of the hose that goes to the front fitting on the cooler.  This is the fitting that the pump feeds and will ensure that the water moves into the shirt first. Many people find this preferable to running the ice-cold water directly onto their head first.
  • Also note, Cool-A-Clava uses 1/4” fittings.

The Cool-a-Clava is COOLSHIRT’s answer to keeping a cool head under pressure. It is a helmet insert that can plug into any of our current ice based and non-ice based systems to provide the best head cooling that is unrivaled by any current air or water based head cooling unit on the planet. There is no special hardware to purchase and this system is compatible with almost every helmet currently on the market.

Instructions for Installation & Use:

1) Insert Cool-A-Clava up into helmet. We recommend using double sided tape or Velcro to hold it in place. The Cool-A-Clava should be checked for comfort before using tape or Velcro to hold in place.

2) Once the Cool-A-Clava is in the helmet, place helmet on head just the way you normally would. Keep the hoses coming off of the product out of the way. You want the hoses to come out at the base of the helmet in the back of the head.

3) Once in the car, route the Cool-A-Clava hoses so that they do not interfere with any other safety equipment. The hoses will be routed down to your shirt. If using only the Cool-A-Clava you can route the hoses to your hose coming off of the cooler.

4) Plug the male fitting from the product into the female fitting of the hose coming from your cooler. Plug the female fitting from the product into one of the male fittings from your shirt. Plug the other male fitting from the shirt into the other female fitting on the hose coming from your cooler.

5) Turn the cooler on. It will pump the water through both the shirt and Cool-A-Clava.

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09/26/2017 10:18:00

Too cool for you

We run a cool shirt religiously but have always wanted a bit more, this is it! Cools your noggin to both keep the red mist at bay (YMMV) and keep you focused on track. I routed it AFTER my shirt and enjoyed it.


05/15/2017 11:57:00

Cool-a-clava = cool head

Installed nicely in helmet over the weekend and did a 'test run' in the garage on a 80F day. Wow. Comfortable. Installed on return side of cool shirt and amount of helmet cooling was substantial. I've yet to use this in competition but feel certain it will make a substantial difference during high-temp/humidity events. Slightly concerned about long-term durability but for $99 less $ than new helmet w/cooling built-in. Also, important to cut tubes to remove excess so as not to interfere with vehicle exit.