CoolShirt Replacement Connectors - Male or Female

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Note: If you own a Momo or F.A.S.T. cooling shirt and want to use it with a CoolShirt system simply purchase 2 Coolshirt MALE connectors, snip off the connectors on your shirt, and replace them. That's it! Because the CoolShirt male connectors are universal, your shirt will now be usable with all 3 major cooling systems.

5/16" connectors that work with your CoolShirt systems as well as others.
  • Sold individually - NOT AS PAIRS
  • Choose connector style: Male or Female.


CoolShirt MALE connectors work with any FEMALE connector, be it CoolShirt, Momo or FAST. So no matter which system you have, a CoolShirt shirt will work with it because of the MALE connector on the shirt.

If you have a Momo or FAST shirt and you buy a CoolShirt system, you can simply snip off the MALE connectors on the shirt and buy a new set of CoolShirt MALE connectors (which we carry individually) to push onto your garment hose. Even if you’ll be racing in another car which uses a FAST or Momo system at a later date, the new CoolShirt MALE connector you just pushed on will work with it.

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03/03/2015 7:26:00

Perfect Replacement

I used these to build a home made cool suit and to make a helmet drinking tube. Can be a little difficult to get in the correct size tubing but a little heat and oil does the trick. I always keep an extra in the tool box in case I close one in the door or manage to break it in a more creative way at the track.