DFuser Kool-64 Portable Cool System With Quick Disconnect Mount

SKU: DFR-1002223
$299.99 to $459.97 $299.99 to $459.97


Dfuser KOOL-64 Portable Cool System

  • Less than 5 lbs Empty
  • 64 oz capacity
  • Approximate 4 foot insulated Hose with connectors
  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulation for Maximum temperature retention.
  • Extra wide opening for easy filling, and cleaning.
  • 100% leak proof cap with a three finger grip.
  • Strong 18/8 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Quick disconnect mounting system by DRAKE Industries
  • Quick release to easily get your system on and off when needed
  • Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • NHRA approved Mount
  • Various mounting options to fit any automobile
  • Works with all cool shirt systems
  • 1 year warranty

    Optional 4-position timer

  • includes a continuous-run mode and 3 cycles including 1 minute off and 1 minute on, 3 minutes off and 1 minute on and 7 minutes off and 1 minute on
  • Easy 3-wire installation
  • Handles up to a 10 amp load

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      John Rattenni

      08/13/2018 3:20:00

      Left alot to be desired.

      I bought this system for doing HPDE events in my Ariel Atom. Given the limited space and the open cockpit, I thought this might be a good choice to keep cool in the hot sun. First impression is it has a fairly nice build quality. The Drake mount is really nice and the rest of it looks like it is put together pretty well. It does not come with instructions which normally would not be an issue except that I had not way of knowing it had to be inverted to work. So I found a spot in the car that I could fit it, wired it up, mounted it and attempted to run it. Since I had it mounted horizontally, it would not work. There was not a place in car to mount vertically, so I had to fabricate a mount to incline the bottle 15 deg to get it to work. On track, I loaded it with ice and went out on track for my first session. It barely lasted 10 min. Pretty disappointing Final thoughts: I think if I use larger ice chunks instead of bagged ice it may last longer. This is a challenge since the return tube extends to bottom of bottle and getting around large chunks of ice may not be possible. Also I have it set up on on a switch so in my second session, I turned it on and off as needed. Not ideal but I was able to stretch it out to last the whole session. If I were to do it again, I would probably go in another direction.