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Head and Neck Restraints


Racing Head Restraints and Neck Restraints

Proper head restraints and neck restraints are a must when doing any type of high-performance driving; in fact SFI-approved restraints are required by most race organizations. Without adequately-certified gear these organizations will not let you compete at all. Much like seatbelts and racing harnesses do for your body, head and neck restraints prevent excessive movement of your head during a collision. These restraints are often the deciding factor as to whether a driver walks away from an accident unharmed.

Finding the Proper Restraint for You

Supplementary to a race helmet, there are two additional types of head and neck protection available; neck collars and head and neck restraints. Neck collars, such as the ORECA One Tapered Neck Collar, are primarily aimed at preventing neck fatigue during an event and are not intended for use as a neck restraint. However, devices, like the HANS III Device, are designed with proper anchors and padding for use as a head and neck restraint. When paired with a quick release kit, these restraints allow for a driver to quickly exit a vehicle in an event such as a fire.

A restraint should not impede a driver's movement. The proper restraint for you will allow you to move comfortably while keeping you properly secured to your vehicle. In addition to safety, mobility should be a top-consideration when purchasing a head and neck restraint.

Comfort should be the final factor on your checklist, when searching for a restraint that is proper for you and your application. The Necksgen REV Head and Neck Restraint System is very well known for being both a safe and comfortable restraint system. The Necksgen REV Head and Neck Restraint System lacks a frontal yoke, which allows for it to sit on a driver's shoulders comfortably. Additionally, the tether mounting points of the Necksgen REV Head and Neck Restraint System allow for additional impact protection.

Your Decision

Although you may be on a budget when purchasing parts and gear for your track days, safety is not an area that you should be frugal in. The proper gear for you is often the gear that lasts a long time and is able to protect you when protection is of the utmost importance. When purchasing a head and neck restraint system, consider your safety, mobility, and comfort before considering price. Gear and vehicles can be replaced, a life cannot.

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