Lifeline Zero 360 FIA 2.25kg Novec 1230 Fire Marshal - Bottle Only

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This item includes a charged bottle only.

Read Winding Road's Review: The Best Value Fire System for Road Racing. Below is an excerpt of the review:

  • When Novec liquid is sprayed through the six nozzles (4 engine, 2 interior) of the system, the Novec is atomized and turns into a gas. The fire suppression happens because the Novec gas absorbs the heat of the incipient fire and the gas similarly prevents re-ignition
  • The Novec gas also expands to fill the volume in which it is sprayed, making Novec's coverage far greater than with foam which is physically dispersed only where it is aimed. 
  • Novec's heat suppression means that the driver can breathe without the risk of fire damage to his/her lungs (watch the film Rush, which is about the Niki Lauda-James Hunt F1 battle, for a sense of how important this is). Novec is also non-toxic and approved by the EPA for use in occupied spaces. 
  • Because Novec operates as a gas, there is no foam messing up the car and potentially damaging electronics. Eventually, the Novec simply evaporates. 

Entry-level Novec 1230 system and is focused (with a price-point targeted) at being a 4L AFFF system replacement. This steel bottle, mechanical activation system is roughly half the size and weight of the 4L AFFF system, while being more effective due to Novec 1230 technology.

The latest range of Lifeline range of Zero 360 car fire extinguishers are the result of extensive research and development. Novec1230 Zero 360 represents a significant step forward in motorsport safety, convincingly passing the FIA tests conducted by the British Standards Institute and observed by the MSA. 

This series of systems has been awarded FIA homologation number EX.028.08. 

Novec1230 Zero 360 has moved the boundaries of motorsport car fire extinguishers. Using only the finest materials in both its construction and installation kit this system performed extremely well in the FIA tests for plumbed in fire systems which were witnessed by the British Standard Institute. 

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