Longacre Super Precision Laser Level

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If you don't level your scale pads your 'accurate setup' goes out the window!

This easy-to-use system helps you level each pad, then helps you bring all four at the same height – to closer than .050".  Uses a high-sensitivity machinist leveling vial (NOT the hardware store type)

Easy to use:
First use the level vial to accurately level all four individual scale pads. Next turn the laser on, put it on top of one pad (this is your baseline pad) and point it at another one. Put the measuring tab on this pad and slide it sideways until one of the white dots shows brightest in the laser beam. That dot is marked how much higher or lower it is than the baseline pad. Raise or lower that pad until the dot at Level shows brightest. Do the same for the other two pads and you have a precisely leveled surface for the most accurate setups possible.

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