Mac's Tie-Downs Racers Tie-Down Ratchet Straps With Flat Snap Hooks

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$32.95 to $38.95


We like Mac's tie-downs for several reasons. They're very high quality, with more stitches per inch than most, and rated at 10,000 lb. The ratchet mechanism is robust and works every time -- important because after a long day towing we just hate to battle with our straps to get the car off the trailer. The ratchet mechanism is at one end of the strap with a flat snap hook attached so the ratchet is placed as close as possible to your tie down point and doesn't impact body work. They can be used as axle straps, but also can go through the wheel spokes on relatively wide wheels.

The straps shown in the pictures are blue so they are easier to see. We recommend ordering black straps, as they don't show road grime and other discoloration as quickly.


(1) 10,000 lb. 2" by 16' Ratchet Strap with Flat Snap Hooks

Note: Product available for U.S.-based customers only

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Drew W

12/08/2015 8:24:00


These straps are great. The snap hooks are much better for quickly securing the car via tow straps than the old straps I had with non-snap hooks, and no risk of them becoming disconnected on rough roads. 8' length is perfect for my application and takes up minimal space both in-use and not in-use.