MiataCage Spec MX-5 Cage Kit

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Winding Road Racing is able to install Spec MX-5 Cage Kit and assist with any of your other needs for your Spec MX-5. 

Contact our Shop Services Department at (512) 436-8625 ext.105 or email services@windingroad.com to discuss your specific needs.

This kit was designed in 2019 in conjunction with Mazda Motorsports and the Spec MX-5 series hard top manufacturer to utilize as much room as possible in the car. 

This kit is FULLY coped and ready for install.  Minimal fitting required and comes with 2 templates that bolt to the car for proper placement of the main hoop.  Once the main hoop is placed properly then all other tubes will fit into their proper position. 

Since all tubes are fully coped the installation time is 10 to 12 hours less than having to notch all tubes and can easily be completed in 2 days by a skilled welder. 

  • Lightweight weld in kit. The kit utilizes 1.5"  for all required tubes.  Non required tubes are 1.25" and 1" dom tubing to keep the weight down without sacrificing safety.
  • Laser cut and formed landing plates (12).  Weld into place with no modifications. 
  • 1” tube gussets and landing plates all included.
  • Main Hoop (2) and X-Brace (4) Taco's included.
  • Main Hoop locator bracket - This is a bolt in bracket to align the main hoop in the car for the proper position since all other tubes key off of the main hoop.
  • Fully notched kit. All tubes are fully notched/coped and ready for installation. 
  • Having the kit fully notched reduces the installation time by over 10 hours. 
  • Computer controlled bending ensuring accurate bends every time.
  • Every piece is marked with a part # that corresponds to 4 separate full page schematics.
  • Rear down tubes land next to shock mounts.
  • When installed properly less than 1/4 inch of clearance to roof allowing for more head room for taller drivers.
  • Includes X brace door bars and Taco gussets on both drivers and passenger sides.  There are not any S bends in these tubes.  Many builders make an S bend to get the bars back inside the car to connect up to the main hoop.  We do not.
  • Includes FIA Bars on both sides of the car.
  • Includes firewall tubes on both sides of the car.
  • Includes a dash bar that is concealed and above the factory dash bar so that the driver can NOT come into contact with this bar.  Many cages have very low dash bars that in a roll over can come into contact the drivers legs and do significant damage.
  • Allows for stock passenger seat to be reinstalled once complete.
  • Kill Switch Plate for passenger side main hoop area.

Do you need the hard top as well?
  If you buy the cage kit and the hard top together you can save $300.00.

The cage and top package is for the aftermarket (not OEM) lightweight hard top.  This is the Mazda supplied aftermarket hard top (Mazda p/n 0000-07-5901-CC) and has all of the appropriate serial numbers and indications for tech and is the only legal non OEM hard top.

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