Molecule Athlete Kit - 16 oz. Wash/16 oz. Refresh Combo Pack

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Molecule Wash is designed to effectively clean your Nomex gear in standard washing machines, while Molecule Refresh Spray offers a simple freshen up for that stinky gear. This pair comprises the essentials that you need in order to machine wash your Nomex at home and freshen up in the paddock.  


Molecule Wash 16 oz.: Effectively cleans Nomex fabric and other technical fabrics in standard washing machines. It is formulated specifically for the critical requirements of Nomex racing suits. Molecule Wash is expressly designed to remove the unique oils, fuel, and soils that are often encountered in the racing environment. Furthermore, it contains an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors, so you'll feel fresh longer. 

Molecule Refresh 16 oz.: Refresh is a lightly scented spray specifically formulated to deodorize performance wear and equipment. Cosmetic-grade formula contains proprietary Pico12 suppression technology to attack odors at the source and inhibit growth. Containing benzalkonium chloride (BKC) sanitizing ingredient, Refresh keeps you clean, healthy and performing at your best.

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