Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover 24oz

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Attention road racers - R3 removes rubber scuffmarks from paint and other surfaces without damaging the finish!

Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover is a spray on, wipe off cleaner that quickly and safely removes rubber scuffmarks, dirt, soil and grime from virtually all exterior auto surfaces. Use Mothers R3 on paint, glass, vinyl wrap and more. Modern chemistry ensures that Mothers R3 is tough on tenacious rubber and grime, but gentle and safe for surrounding surfaces. 

If you're into road racing, you've seen what hot rubber can do to the exterior of your vehicle. It's nearly impossible to remove, until now! Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover is a very effective cleaner capable of removing stubborn rubber scuffs from all paint finishes, glass, vinyl, and metal.

Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover is also perfect for motorcyclists!

Remove boot scuffs from chrome pipes and paint. Unlike a metal polish, there are no abrasives in Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover. Clean metal without dulling the shine. *Not intended for bare aluminum.

24 oz.

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Neal Agran

08/19/2015 7:04:00


We would never have tried this stuff since it seems like a gimmick, but were given a free bottle at NASA nationals a couple of years ago by a Mothers rep. Wow. It works extremely well at removing rubber marks and is far more pleasant to use than thinner, rubbing alcohol, brake cleaner, etc. Have been using it ever since. Definitely worth the $$.

Nadja Pollard

03/25/2015 9:56:00

Removes scuffs without a lot of work

I read about Mothers R3 on a forum a few years ago and always have one or two bottles on hand. I have white vinyl on my car and this is one of the only products that will remove rubber marks and bug goo without hurting the finish on the vinyl. Works beautifully on paint!


11/18/2014 17:30:00

Works like a dream

Rubber marks on paint from tire bits thrown by other cars come off really easily with this stuff.