Motul Inugel G13 Ultra Coolant - 1 Litre

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MOTUL INUGEL G13 ULTRA is a concentrated antifreeze that must be mixed with soft water for immediate use as a cooling liquid, based on monoethylene glycol and glycerol, using Lobrid additives technology.
Especially recommended for cooling systems of VAG group passenger cars and light-duty vehicles when coolant meeting requirements of G13 standard (VW TL 774 J) is required.



Contains a bitterness agent to prevent from drinking: coolants and antifreezes have a sweet taste but are harmful.

Optimal protection of VAG group engine cooling systems. The Lobrid technology brings optimal protection for all engine metallic parts including aluminum and non-ferrous components. High-performance additives protect against freezing, overheating, corrosion and scale. This Lobrid technology meets the requirements of G13 (VW TL 774 J) specifications and is compatible with coolants meeting former specifications: G12 (VW TL 774 D), G12+ (VW TL 774 F), G12++ (VW TL 774 G).
Provides aluminum reinforced protection at high temperature. Eliminates the risk of scaling and deposits in the cooling system. Avoids cavitation and increases water pump lifetime. Compatible with gaskets, hoses, and plastic components. Can be mixed with ethylene glycol based coolants.

Do not use pure product. Dilute with soft water according to the required freezing protection: see table. To maintain anti-corrosion properties, do not dilute below 33% of antifreeze. For optimal cooling effect, do not dilute above 66% of antifreeze. To be used for top-up or complete renewal of the cooling circuit for improved efficiency. Water for dilution: if possible use soft water (maximum hardness 35°F and chlorides and sulfates maximum contain 500 ppm).
Drain intervals: Refer to the manufacturers' recommendation. Attention, control or drain the coolant only when the engine is cold. Can be mixed with ethylene glycol based coolants. This product should not be used to protect drinking water systems against freezing.

Nitrite-free, amine free, phosphate free, borate free.
Density at 20°C / 68°FASTM D59311.141
Boiling TemperatureASTM D1120179°C / 354°F

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