MyChron 5 AiM Karting Data Acquisition System

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AiM Sports MyChron5 Karting Data System

Data acquisition for karts enters a totally new dimension: MyChron5, in addition to sampling all your kart data, features all the advantages of a new dual satellite GPS system plus a hand full of new functions designed to provide more comprehensive and reliable information.

Lap and split times, speed, RPM, and one temperature as well as your position on track, acceleration, and much more.

The AiM MyChron5 has been designed to accommodate the basic needs of those new to karting as well as the more sophisticated data needed by karting professionals.

The AiM MyChron5-2T allows the user to sample a second temperature of your choice.

AiM's MyChron4, for ten years, was the benchmark gauge in karting data acquisition even with all its limitations. With the advent of the MyChron5 and MyChron5-2T, AiM is now untouchable when it comes to karting data acquisition.

MyChron5 GPS, The Most Powerful GPS Ever

We were all used to lap time acquisition via magnetic strips, infrared beacons, or even the good old stopwatch. The AiM Sports MyChron5 completely changes the rules of engagement; its GPS samples lap and split times as well as speed, position on track, and acceleration with precision and reliability simply not comparable to traditional tools or even to previous GPS systems.


Superb Readability in All Situations

To maximise readability of data, you need plenty of room. That is why the new AiM MyChron5 features a wide 268x128 pixel graphical display. The screen can be backlit in one of the seven available colors.

The incorporated light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions.


Customised Data Visualisation

Choose the optimal layout for your data. Lap and split times, best lap, RPM, gear number, track map, and much more are shown in pre-configured pages: allowing you to choose the page layout that you need to best monitor your data. 

At the end of your session, you can recall the summary of your three best laps: lap time, max/min RPM, speed, and temperature(s). 

For your best lap, you will also see splits as well as the best theoretical time.


Multifunction LEDs

All of the information that you need, when you need it. The AiM MyChron5 features five individually configured RGB LEDs: This feature allows you to choose the color and value thresholds for each light's activation. In addition, they can be configured to show your best lap/split time, monitor RPM level, and even signal the right moment to shift gears.

Alarm LEDs

The AiM MyChron5 allows you to configure alarm LEDs as well, turning them on/off depending on the values you selected: water temperature is one of the many parameters you wish to keep an eye on.

WiFi Connectivity Save You Time at the Track

The MyChron5 offers the opportunity to download your data wirelessly using an easy and safe WiFi connection; no data key or PC connector cable is needed. WiFi data transfer is easily configured via PC using AiM's Race Studio 3 software.

If more than one MyChron5/PCs are connected (a typical situation in a team) it is possible to transfer data to/from all MyChron5 devices and/or PCs at the same time. In this case, the purchase of an access point is necessary, which acts as a bridge between the MyChron5s and the PCs. 


MyChron Expansions

Using the MyChron Expansion Module, you can connect additional modules to your MyChron5, including your old MyChron4 sensors and equipment.

  • MyChron Expansion

The channel multiplier, to check when you brake and accelerate, as well as Power Valve behavior.

  • Infrared Temperature Controller

The infrared temperature controller allows you to connect tire temperature sensors to your MyChron5.

  • Data Hub

      The CAN connection multiplier works as a bridge between your MyChron5 and its peripheral equipment.

  •  Sensors
Temperature, pressure, brake/throttle position, steering wheel position, speed, and RPM
  • LCU-One Lambda Controller

The LCU-One Lambda controller allows you to perfectly tune your kart's carburetion.

  • SmartyCam HD Cameras

AiM's SmartyCam onboard camera allows for professional recording of your races with your real-time data overlayed on videos.


Race Studio 3 Configuration

At the end of each session, your data can be downloaded and analysed in depth on your PC with Race Studio 3 software: charts, graphs, and histograms will help you to understand your performance, finding out what needs to be improved.

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