Racecom Trac-Com Intercom



Please note that this is only the intercom, no accessories included.

Check out in-helmet communication options here:

Racecom Student Helmet Booms

Trac-Com Intercom designed for Driver-Passenger communication.

Adaptable to many applications. The Trac-Com is the solution for racing intercoms and driver to passenger communications!

  • Dual volume controls
  • Locking headset connectors
  • NASCAR, Stilo and IMSA connectors can be used with the addition of Racecom Trac-Com Adapter Cable
  • Removable 9V battery
  • Battery life indicator LED light
  • Heavy duty components
  • Belt clip included
  • Full duplex, driver and passenger can hear themselves and each other all the time, perfect for dialing in the volume!

Jason Bleak

10/23/2018 8:10:00

Trac Com review

Unit is worth the price. gave 4 stars because the unit sound quality while good just matches its price point. It is a little difficult to situate the head set piece in your helmet. If the system proves to be robust I would add another half star but with race season ending there will not be much opportunity to continue to evaluate its robustness.


05/28/2018 5:38:00

Not Enough Volume

Using Racecom Trac-Com with Stilo wired helmet. Trac-Com VOLUME IS NOT LOUD ENOUGH to be heard over wind and engine at speed. The Stilo earmuffs KILLED my Ears and became so painful I had to remove. I dismantled the earmuff assembly and inserted Stilo speaker in the helmet inner liner. Ah Ear Pain Relief, and Cooler Helmet...but with Trac-Com amplification so LOW, I cannot ear Student Talking. Still searching for a solution.

Brian Lowery

01/23/2018 12:39:00

Best HPDE Intercom

Finally pulled the trigger on a driver passenger intercom and I'm so glad I did. Works so much better than the 5 junk Chatterboxes I went through last year. Great product.


01/03/2018 8:17:00

Love it

Love it, Much better than the chatterbox. More sturdy, looking forward to the next version


12/18/2017 14:13:00

Not worth it

Got this product as it is a cheaper option to a lot of other intercoms, but don't waste your time or money. Only reason I'm giving this 2 stars instead of 1 is for their customer service and help they offered in the returns process. The volume was terrible (even at the max) and noise constantly faded in and out.

Buck Entriken

05/11/2017 6:18:00

Not bad, could be better

Great concept fairly well carried out. The volume controls are too loose and are only useful for one quarter of the range given. (only the last 1/4 turn has any effect on volume). Headphone wires tend to tangle and get in the way.


11/17/2021 17:41

Incredibly poor design

Haven't even used the unit yet but giving it one star. Why? It uses a nine volt battery which has to snap in. The wires are no where near long enough to make this possible. Also, I dare anyone to figure out how to put the cover back on if you're lucky enough to manage to install the battery.


07/05/2023 18:41

dont buy it for track duty

very poor construction, Knobs break off and connectors come loose- great idea but poor quality control.