Schroth SHR Flex Head Restraint

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*SHR Helmet Hardware kit is included.

  • SFI 38.1 Certified
  • High strength Carbon reinforced materials
  • Angle independent low collar design
  • Dynamic articulating collar
  • Rate responsive bump stop
  • Sliding "twist anchor" tether system
  • SlipStop belt retention system
  • Helmet hardware kit included
  • Integrated shoulder padding system
  • Form fitting lower legs
  • SHR FLEX the new Frontal Head Restraint from SCHROTH. Designed for optimum safety, comfort, and ease of use.
Simple Sizing - only two sizes - Medium (up to 16 ½") neck and Large. You can use a large even if your neck is smaller to give more room over a collar bone.

Angle Independent - the small, low collar works perfectly with any seating angle and does not interfere with the seatback. The articulating collar rises in an impact to create the optimum tether angle. Perfect for drivers with multiple cars

Load controlling "bump stop" - the legs are connect to the collar along with a unique bump stop that smooths out the initial tether loading and allows proper collar angle

Floating Tether - the floating tether allows a full range of motion of the head to the left and right while also adding some side stability

Flexible legs - the legs of the FLEX have the padding molded in eliminating the need for additional pads. This allows the belts to fit tight to the body and keeps the FLEX from moving under the belts

Retention ears - the collar features extended vertical ears at the outside edge that help to keep your belts on the FLEX even in a secondary impact.

The SHR FLEX™ is the latest in FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) technology. Designed and developed by the team at SCHROTH we have improved on comfort, fit and flexibility verses existing systems on the market.

The new SHR FLEX™ is a dynamic Head and Neck Protection system with many technological advances.

Design highlights include patent pending dynamic articulation of the collar, a rate responsive bump stop to manage peak neck tension loads as well as a stabilizing dual tether system andform fitting lower legs to provide optimal fit and reduce interference with the seat.

The SHR FLEX™ has been designed with a low collar to be angle independent of your seating position and the pliable legs form fit to the upper body and chest of the user providing excellent stability without the need for excessive padding systems.

In addition to advanced comfort design of the SHR FLEX™ the new device has been optimized with winglets on the upper collar and SCHROTH's patented SlipStop system on the lower legs to assist in belt retention for off-road and rally sport competitors.

The SHR FLEX™ has been designed and tested for use with standard 3" racing belts as well as FHR specific 2" shoulder belts.

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05/07/2019 12:41:00

Good Purchase

Like many I'm sure, I spent hours going through everything I could find on-line about the SHR Flex in comparison to every other option on the market. I finally pulled the trigger this spring and used it in my first HPDE event 2 weeks ago. I'm very pleased with the purchase. Quality of the device is very good and it was really comfortable for me. I'm not a skinny guy and have a fairly food build in my shoulder and chest. I like the fact that this automatically adjusts to me so I can get the right fit. When I sit in the car I tilt the SHR back so it's touching my seat before I tighten down the harnesses. Seems to work as advertised. My instructor for last HPDE, who's a regional chief instructor and has been doing DEs and competition for 15 years, got in the car with the same SHR Flex on. I thought that was a good sign! Just buy it and get the protection for your head in place for your next event.

Jordan Creech

11/19/2018 10:38:00

Great Product

very pleased with the quality and fit

Nick Zeeben

08/15/2017 8:02:00

Really Nice

Having run a HANS the last few years I took the opportunity of a new helmet purchase to switch out my posts and try the Scroth based on some friends recommendations. I really like the lower profile, it feels much less restrictive to me than the HANS ever did. Really happy.


07/24/2020 21:31

$1000 insurance (SHR and QuickFit Pro) for the neck

Schroth SHR with Quick Fit Pro belts for E46 M3. Perfect combination for a little peace of mind (for the wife) when driving HPDE