Schuberth SF2 Pro Forced Air Flat Scoop

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Schuberth SF2 Pro Forced Air Flat Scoop

In closed cockpit cars, using aerodynamic accessories to add ventilation to your SCHUBERTH just won’t cut it. Unlike the aero scoops that utilize passing air, the SCHUBERTH SF2 Pro Forced Air Scoop funnels air directly from a blower or cool shirt system. A Forced Air Scoop is a low profile attachment that allows forced air to travel through the six top mounted ventilation holes, directing air over the drivers head and face. Air circulation minimizes potential fogging while adding coolness and comfort.What makes the Forced Air  Flat Scoop different from the Forced Air Scoop? The hose attachment that extends out of the scoop is flat (parallel) along the helmet. This creates a lower profile and helps accommodate drivers with limited headroom. If clearance is not an issue, you may want to use the SCHUBERTH SF2 Pro Forced Air Scoop. The hose attachment may require an adapter to work with blower system. The Forced Air Scoop is attached with adhesive. Forced Air Scoops are easily damaged by drivers smacking their heads getting in and out of a vehicle. Please use care to ensure property functionally.

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