Stilo ST5 GT Helmet Visor Shield

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$143.95 to $184.95


Stilo ST5 F Replacement ShieldsWhen buying replacement shields for your helmet, it's important to remember that beyond aesthetic preference, different shields are better suited to specific racing conditions than others. Without proper visibility, your performance on the track will undoubtedly be compromised, so you need to have the right shield for the right driving conditions. These high quality, anti-fog visors are designed for use with Stilo ST5 F helmets and offer an application for just about every lighting condition you'll encounter. Some considerations: 

  • Clear visors are generally used for night racing or very low light conditions
  • Tinted visors are available in several different levels of tint which are based largely on the amount of glare you want to eliminate during daytime driving.
  • Mirrored shields block even more sunlight than tinted shields
  • Iridium shields improve upon mirrored shields, providing the most protection from both sunlight and glare
  • Amber visors provide a minimal amount of tinting that's ideally suited to overcast weather
  • Yellow visors are often used in dawn or dusk driving, as they tend to accentuate track features

Cleaning Tips:

It's very important to use the correct cleaners when cleaning your visor, otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the visor's coating. Mirrored visors require the use of special cleaners like Stilo Visor Cleaner. Avoid using any glass cleaner containing ammonia, as this can harm the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the visor, and the anti-fog coating on the inside of the visor. Using a microfiber towel and either water or the aforementioned visor cleaner, wipe in one direction and repeat until the visor is clean and dry.

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04/16/2019 8:17:00

ST5 GT Shield

The Stilo GT5 Shields are great!! I am really happy with the purchase.

Lyn Greenhill

10/31/2018 10:09:00

Good option for no coating

I drive a formula car, and go through one or two shields a year. Most get pitted from debris thrown up from the track. I've tried tear-offs but I don't like the view distortion, and the cost is roughly the same as a new shield. The normal clear shield from Stilo has their anti-fog and "Rain-X" coatings on the inside/outside. I don't know what the anti-fog coating is, but it is impossible to clean, even with the stuff Stilo recommends. The clear non-coated shield is a good option, easy to clean. If you're worried about fogging/rain, I use scuba mask defog on the inside and the real Rain-X on the outside.