Stilo WRC DES Zero 8860 Rally Racing Helmet SA2015

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Please note, due to the extremely custom nature of this product, the WRC DES Zero 8860 helmet is special order only. Contact Winding Road Racing for options and pricing. We will walk you through the process and explain all of your options. We will then get your helmet shipped directly to you from the manufacturer, typically in 1 to 2 business days, with all options configured exactly the way you want them.

The WRC DES Zero 8860 helmets are the lightest 8860 helmets available anywhere in the world thanks to the new shell made from a specific quality of Carbon Fiber. These helmets are homologated to FIA 8860-2018 regulations.

The WRC DES Zero 8860 helmet is perfect for discerning rally drivers and navigators who demand the absolute best in helmet technology while retaining a level of comfort and visibility second to none.

The WRC DES Zero 8860 was the first open face helmet to be certified to FIA 8860 which is one of the most stringent tests known for helmets. This certification provides an unparalleled level of puncture protection as well as impact resistance. Nowhere will you find a safer open face helmet.

The integrated microphone boom sets the WRC DES Zero 8860 apart from other open face helmets and gives not only a secure location for communications equipment, but forward impact protection as well.


  • Construction: Made from autoclave-molded Carbon Fiber
  • Certifications: FIA 8860-2018 and Snell 2015
  • Weight: (including intercom, does not include HANS post anchors)
    • Small Shell: 1120 grams / 2.47 pounds
    • Large Shell: 1170 grams / 2.58 pounds
  • Noise Attenuating Earmuffs:
    • These earmuffs provide a significantly quieter environment for the driver by aurally isolating the ear. The pressure upon the head can be adjusted by replacing the special foam rubber pads placed between the earmuff and the helmet. The earmuffs' unique shape ensures they stay in place and do not make the helmet difficult to put on or take off.
  • Visor Options:
    • The standard Adjustable Peak Visor can be fitted in addition to a flip-up visor option. The peak visor can be lowered to give the driver an effective means of blocking the sun as it gets lower on the horizon.
    • The optional visor is a high quality flip-up smoked visor with a safety lock for the open position. It can be removed if needed.
  • FIA HANS post anchors are pre-installed on the WRC DES Zero 8860
  • Two Shells:
    • Stilo has two separate shell sizes for this helmet. This allows them to make a better-fitting helmet that is lighter weight. Instead of filling a very large shell with lots of padding for a small sized helmet, they have one shell size for extra small to medium, and one for large and extra large.
  • EPS Cheek Pads
    • The WRC DES is the only open face helmet on the market that comes with both earmuffs and cheek pads. These cheek pads provide the best in lateral crash safety, while retaining the functionality of the earmuffs to provide a comfortable aural environment for communication.
  • Adjustable microphone position for optimal communications
    • The WRC DES is fitted with an easily adjustable microphone mounting system. When purchased with electronics, the microphone comes with (4) 5mm spacers to be used to achieve the perfect microphone placement.
  • Integrated Electronics Plug
    • The integrated electronics jack is positioned far enough away from the HANS post anchor in order to make the use of the jack trouble-free even when a HANS is worn.
    • The wiring is all positioned safely and conveniently behind the padding. There are no hanging or exposed wires in this helmet, so everything stays put where it is supposed to be.
  • Sizes: From Extra Small through Extra Large
  • Pricing: Starting at $7,995.00

What's in the box:

  • Helmet with noise attenuating earmuffs with integrated speakers
  • Magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone
  • Pre-Installed M6 nut and FIA HANS Posts
  • Your choice of 2 Visors
  • Visor Screw Kit
  • Helmet Bag
  • Note: Please contact us to discuss your preferences on how this helmet is set up. Remember, the WRC DES Zero 8860 is your helmet, set up your way, and is made to your specifications.
Watch our video on how to measure your head for a helmet:

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