Techniche Self-Contained Cooling Vest - No Wires or Tanks!

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NOTE: All vests now shipping in black only.

Drivers of track-day cars, formula cars or sports racers often do not have sufficient room in the cockpit for the box of a cooling system. Or you may be a driver or instructor who sometimes finds himself/herself in cars owned by others. These drivers can still stay cool with a self-contained cooling system. Self-contained systems consist of a vest that holds multiple cooling packs front and back – there is no box or plumbing and no electrical hookup. The cooling packs, which stay cold for up to three hours per use, contain a special fluid that freezes at 58 degrees F. That temperature is more comfortable against the skin than 32 degrees F and also allows quick refreezing by plunging into a cooler between sessions. We've tried these systems and the comfort level is surprisingly good because the "ice" packs conform to your body as they get slushy.

  • Front zipper w/mesh ventilation panels and scoop neck
  • Comfortable, quilted nylon outer with HyperKewlTM fabric inner, water-repellant nylon liner, and black cotton-poly elastic trim
  • Hybrid cooling solution for ultimate relief: Evaporative Cooling HyperKewlTM fabric provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking; Phase Change Cooling Inserts maintain a comfortable 58 degrees F (14 degrees C) for up to 3 hours
  • Include one (1) set of Cool PaxTM Phase Change Cooling Military Vest Inserts (7065 w/velcro)
  • Black
  • XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Ratings & Reviews

5 Reviews


04/28/2018 10:44:00

skip the vest get the cool packs

The vest is kind of bulky so I just use the cool packs under my drivers suit. Once I am all buckled in the cool packs don't move around at all. I only have room for two cool packs. They keep me cool for 20 or 30 minutes on a hot day. They recharge in an ice chest between track sessions. You could even share the cool packs between two racers (and split the cost) because there probably wont be enough room to fit all four of them between your body and race seat at the same time.


04/26/2018 8:18:00

Well made

This is well constructed, lightweight, simple in design, and resembles a fly fisherman's vest )which could also be used btw for those who are crafty) and has pockets for the silicone inserts. Throw it in cooler of ice water for 30 minutes and off to the races - our heats are 20 minutes and track temps in the low 100's - and this works fine. Inside the helmet temperatures where 80% of the heat happens is not as for me.


09/30/2015 7:07:00


Used one race weekend in 90 plus degree temp in Albuquerque New Mexico heat. Very simple and practical approach to driver comfort, especially while waiting on the grid. No vehicle mods or equipment required. You simply wear the vest under your drivers suit. Some concern over long term wear. Zippers on vest and storage bag not very robust.


08/24/2015 11:20:00

Highly Recommended

Cooling vest works extremely well. Stays cool for at least 30 minutes and gel pacs can be cooled back down in less than 10 minutes. Comfortable and light weight as well.

Lee Brister

07/28/2014 9:13:00

Works as described

The vest fit well and the cooling pads conformed to the race seat without an issue. My only concern is the zipper on the vest and the carry bag are not very sturdy and have come apart already. I've realigned but they don't take much pressure to pull apart. For $200, I'd expect better details.