Track Armour Temporary Paint Protection Film

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Track Armour Temporary Paint Protection Film

Apply Track Armour on the front of your car in minutes! This film balances a good looking install and minimal time spent covering your bumper and the first few inches of your hood. If you have ever used blue painters tape on the track, you'll find install time with this film is much shorter. Easily remove this film once your track day is done, leaving your paint as it was before your track event even began.


  • 100' Roll of Track Armour Film

  • Felt-tipped applicator tool

  • A few tips and tricks for easy application

  • Good for 1-4 track day uses

Ratings & Reviews

3 Reviews

Matt W

08/03/2019 16:42:00

Track use Suspect

I tried the tape on a clean hood and front bumper of an E46 BMW 330i. It worked OK along the front bumper but not very well on the front of the hood and quarter panels. It may work well for autocross but at track speed and a warm day, it started peeling off, exactly what I didn't want. I followed directions and even tucked the tape along the back side of the hood to secure it underneath and still started peeling off. As of now, I will say the blue painters tape I was using works much better and is far cheaper. I will probably not try it again at a track


07/30/2021 13:53

Temporary paint protection.

I wrap my ZL1 behind the doors infront of the rear wheels ( very prone to rock chips ) and while on track with Cup2s i even have to dubble coat it. And this Track Armor product saves my paint from being sandblasted off my car. Great product. Reccomend install - clean car first, get it wet with a 10% rubbing alcohol and water second than install wrap the day before and use a heat gun on a low setting While working out the bubbles. ( for max contact ) Its that simple. I even use it on the street. When it gets beaten up just remove it and reapply.

Hawk Mcqueen

06/24/2022 17:26

It's works bugs rocks not with Track armour on your side

Just bought new car paint protection shops are all booked need temporary protection from hood bumper and pillars until my appointment . Product works make sure buy the wide roll and start with the bumper first that is your time consuming process.