Winding Road Racing Contingency Sponsorship Program - Road Racing

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Winding Road Racing Contingency Sponsorship Program - Road Racing

We are excited to introduce the 2019 Winding Road Racing Contingency Sponsorship Program. If you are an Autocrosser, Time Trialer, Circle Track Racer, or Karter, click here for the applicable programs. Our objective, as always, is to support amateur road racing in the United States. And we want to introduce our brand to as many racers as possible. 

What We Do For You

We pay you, in the form of Winding Road Racing store credits, when you accomplish certain results. When you win, you get store credits, for example. And, because we know the battle farther back in the pack can be just as intense as it is at the front, you get store credits when you finish 5th or 10th

But that’s not all. We want to help novices, so you earn store credit when you get your license with a new sanctioning body.

We also want to publicize your exploits, so we credit your account when you send us a photo of your car (displaying WRR decals, as described below). And we credit you when you send us footage from your races. 

What You Do For Us

We send you a sponsorship program decal kit to put on your car in specified places. The decals help you help us promote Winding Road Racing at the track and in the media. 

We’d also like you to be an ambassador for Winding Road Racing. Tell your racing friends about the program. And be available for pre-race or post-race interviews. 

We encourage you to buy your race gear from us as well. And we’d like feedback on products you’d like us to carry or improvements we can make to our program. 

Details of the program payouts, graphics and administration are attached. 

We hope you will join Team Winding Road in 2019!

2019 Winding Road Racing Contingency Sponsorship Program for Road Racing

Payout Levels:

1st Place1
5th Place2
10th Place3
Become Licensed*
Submit Video of 1st Lap** (see section #6 for upload instructions)

Sponsorship Rewards:



Peter Nelson,, email:


January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019

Sponsorship Requirements & Payouts:

  1. Requirement: Decals

  2. Number of decals required & location:
    1. Front: two decals on the front 2 corners of vehicle

    2. OR

    3. Back: two decals on the back 2 corners of vehicle

    4. OR

    5. Interior: one decal placed in the interior of race car; must be visible on camera

  3. Decal sizes:
    1. 4” square decals

  4. Optional: WRR race suit patch and windshield banner (for purchase)
    1. WRR patch:

    2. Windshield banner:

  5. Payouts:
    1. Payouts will be awarded in the form of Winding Road Racing coupons

    2. minimum purchase five-times (5x) the coupon amount is required to redeem coupons at checkout, e.g.:
      1. $50 coupon can be applied to a cart total of $250 or higher

      2. $100 coupon can be applied to a cart total of $500 or higher

  6. How to Upload Your Race Video: upload your race video here:
    1. In the “Add Your Files” section, include your name, class, car, date, race track and sanctioning body/organization, and video file name.  Please do not set any passwords on the file transfer page. We must have this information to give you sponsorship credit for videos.
To order decal kit, click here:


All SCCA, NASA, SVRA, PCA, POC, BMWCCA, ChampCar, LeMons, ProAutoSports, H2R, NARRA, VSCDA, HMSA, CSRG, CVAR, VDCA, HSR, RMVR, WRL, ICSCC, MCSCC, WCMA, CASC, Supermiata, WSCC wheel-wheel classes. Others by application.

Award Details:

  • See Payout Schedule for award amounts

  • To claim an award, eligible competitors will need to email a copy of their results (scanned from sanctioning body, MyLaps, or equivalent) with a photo of their car from the event(s) showing the required decals in place during the event (within 15 business days of event/3 weeks)

  • Awards will be sent via email to eligible participants within 15 business days.


  • U.S.-based racers only (with exceptions by application).

  • WRR reserves the right to cancel or change sponsorship at any time.

  • One claim per car. One claim per race weekend.

  • Coupons can be used on full-priced items only (sale items not included).

  • Coupons expire after one (1) year.

  • One coupon award per purchase.
1. Minimum class car count: 3. Credits only for 1st place, not 2nd -4th
2. Minimum class car count: 7. Credits only for 5th place, not 6th – 9th
3. Minimum class car count: 12. Credits only for 10th place, not 11th – Nth
* Once per sanctioning body. Only applies to licenses obtained after registering for sponsorship program.
** First-time only (annually)


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Josh Carroll

10/24/2018 8:09:00

Thank you!

Thank you for offering a generous contingency package. It takes the edge off of an otherwise expensive hobby.


12/13/2017 10:36:00

Sounds like a great program

This program really wants to help new drivers!

Eric Penn

12/09/2017 19:50:00

autocross contingency!

thank you so much for the autocross contingency sponsorship. the payouts are awesome! looking forward to next season.


06/30/2017 22:21:00

Great program for newbees

Nice starter program supporting drivers - always helps to get a supportive hand while getting started racing - thanks Winding Road Racing

Nicholas Leon

03/30/2017 15:25:00

Awsome sponsor

I started in NASA HPDE 1 and I've been moving up the ladder and this sponsor is great you get something even if you don't podium definitely getting my friends in this program.


04/14/2016 16:36:00

Very Quick Response

Just became aware of this group and decided to try them. Response was very quick and right on. Thanks


02/27/2016 19:08:00

Great program

Great gear on the website always cool to score a discount on anything for the cars

Bryan B

03/03/2016 9:27:00

Nice simple contingency program

The WRR program is a simple way for any racer to participate in and benefit from the discounts being offered.

John Gatzemeyer

03/10/2016 9:21:00

Sponsorship Package

Sponsorship pack was shipped and arrived quickly. Would have helped to include more stickers or other advertising to share or in case they needed to be replaced (on-track incident).

Scott Marcero

02/01/2016 8:51:00

Awesome Program

Great way to advertise for Winding Road Racing, and help out funding my racing.

Anthony Nguyen

10/27/2015 8:14:00


Awesome contingency program!

Scott Rettich

05/13/2015 8:14:00

Big Thanks to Winding Road Racing

Great program, thanks for the support!

Robert Schmitt

08/06/2014 16:17:00

Thank You Winding Road

Slap on the stickers and get paid in something other than tires and brake pads!